Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner


Girl Geek Defined

Girl Geek ( Someone who is female and has an interest in technology, particularly computing and new media. Not necessarily technically minded.


The Rules!

If you are male and wish to attend this event you must bring a female with you or be brought by a female. NO FEMALE, NO ENTRY!!!! Sorry Guys! (We will keep the numbers balanced!)


6th Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner



Date: Tuesday 12th February 2008

Time: 18:30 onwards

Where: Upstairs at Fat Cat, 2 Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JQ

How much: £10 per head includes buffet (to be paid on the night). Drinks are to be bought separately from the bar.

What happens: 18:30-19:00 Drinks, 19:00-19:30 Speaker, 19:30+ Buffet and Drinks.



Simona Tassinari, a Software Engineer in the Shared Technology Group at Rare Ltd, a UK-based videogame developer, will do a short presentation about the development process for games and what it is like to work at Rare.

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Over the course of the past two decades, Rare Ltd has grown into a huge creative force behind today’s consoles and become a household name to games players worldwide. After the highly publicised alliance with Microsoft Game Studios, Rare has dedicated its effort to Xbox360 development, and has so far released three Xbox360 titles, the most recent one being the critically acclaimed “Viva Piñata”.


After completing an Honours Degree in Computer Science in Italy at the “Università di Bologna” in 2003, Simona spent over a year in Amsterdam, working on an immersive virtual reality system for medical purposes, implementing the renderer and various modules.


In 2005 Simona joined Rare in the Shared Technology Group, where she works on the R1 SDK, Rare’s internal middleware solution, especially focusing on the math library, the preview pipeline for art content, and supporting games teams. The R1 SDK has been used for the recently released titles “Viva Piñata” and the Xbox360 launch titles “Kameo: Elements of Power” and “Perfect Dark Zero”.


(If you'd like to be a speaker for a Nottingham event please put your details here or e-mail and let me know who you are, how to contact you and the subject that you would like to speak on.)



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1. Emmeline Woodward

2. Sofia Carlsson 

3. Karen Brooks

4. Anthony Meaden (date of Sofia)

5. Polly Coe

6. davidcoe... (date of Polly)

7. Michelle Everitt

8. Vicky White

9. Helen Whitehead

10. Lee Woodward (date of Emmeline)

11. Claire Davies

12. Nicole Watton

13. Beckie Horner

14. Elsa Bartley

15. Rachael King

16. Tracy King

17. Caron Lyon

18. Alla Cranham

19. Rachel Jacobs  

20. Kirk Jackson (date of Rachel)

21. Ricky Deez











We'd like to get 20 - 30 people... but hey - it's quality not quantity




Past Events


5th Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Eileen Brown will do a short presentation on how women who work in the Technology industry feel about working in IT. The results from the Microsoft commissioned survey are surprising – especially the comments by women, about women. Eileen Brown talks about her unconventional route into IT and discusses the survey results.


Eileen joined Microsoft in 2001 as a Systems Engineer, initially focusing on Mission Critical Windows before moving to the Exchange team. She now manages the team of IT Professional Evangelists and is responsible for Messaging, Collaboration and Productivity technologies.


4th Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Susan Hallam an internet marketing strategy consultant and trainer who will be talking about search engine optimisation - improving your visibility in the search engine results. She will talk about best practice thinking and guidelines for improving your rankings in the natural search results.


Susan is an independent business consultant specialising in web marketing strategy and tactics, customer relationship management and the business impact of emerging Internet technologies.


3rd Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Rachel Jacobs from Active Ingredient - "Ere Be Dragons" - A game that maps unknown territories, controlled by the heart beat of players as they walk around the city, resulting in an interactive installation.


Active Ingredient create art works, using everything from household chemistry to emerging technologies. Thier artwork explores the relationship between real and imaginary digital spaces attempting to unlock everyday magic from the rigid systems of new media.


2nd Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Gerry Emmerson - "Accelerate Nottingham" - Nottingham's bid to win the Digital challenge.


1st Nottingham Girl Geek Dinner

Gillian Hunter from Aardmaan - "Cities of the Future - Fact or Fantasy?" - opening a discussion about technology, women and how they can make an impact on all kinds of planning!


Gillian is an experienced sales and marketing professional (and girl geek) and has headed up huge international bids and tenders for large telco and construction Flip Video companies.